Henry Poydar

Henry has built successful software products and led high-performing software teams for over two decades. His rich professional history includes engineering and leadership roles in a variety of organizations, from remote-first bootstrapped businesses and venture-backed startups to publicly-traded companies with globally distributed teams.

Adam Stoddard

Adam’s unique experience working at both traditional tech orgs and remote pioneers like Basecamp — along with 12 years of experience working remotely — give him a deep understanding of the problems that new-to-remote-and-hybrid teams struggle with on a day-to-day basis, and a clear sense of how to solve them.


David Berkowitz

David is an accomplished leader with a consistent track record of building great teams and delivering high-quality products across consumer electronics, multimedia domains, and complete hardware/software and system architecture projects. David is currently Director, Research Software Engineering and Agile Coach at Toyota Research Institute.

Ian Caramanzana

As an editorial expert, Ian has led and worked with content teams remotely for a decade. Working with companies like Zappos, DoorDash, and T-Mobile, Ian skillfully turns complex concepts into engaging narratives. His work, characterized by strategic depth and empathetic storytelling, has shaped the digital identities of leading brands.

Kris Chase

With over 15 years of experience in software engineering, engineering leadership, and business management, Kris builds high-performing teams and delivers award-winning digital experiences. He's dedicated to promoting an environment that encourages innovation, education, and development.

Dinshaw Gobhai

Dinshaw has been building and maintaining commercial web applications since the early 2000's. He has worked as a developer and team lead on projects ranging from self-funded start-ups to publicly-traded, enterprise organizations. He is devoted to practicing and sharing the craft of software and believes that communication and simplicity are the pillars of success. Dinshaw is a VP of Engineering at Steady Space Corp.

Joey Grillo

As a founding member of several remote-first businesses, and a remote product development consultant to large enterprises for more than six years, Joey is well versed in the challenges that remote and distributed teams face every day. Joey is a founding member of the design team at Steady Space Corp.

Iona Hill

Iona is a program and project manager with several accreditations, including a Prince2 Agile Foundation Certification. Iona is the Business Systems Coordinator for a United Kingdom-based automotive retailer group.

Michael Karampalas

With 15+ years of experience leading Product Management and Customer Support teams at in-office and fully remote organizations, Michael's intimately familiar with the challenges facing modern teams and leaders. Michael's experience includes a long stint at GitLab, the largest all-remote company in the world, where he learned best practices for working asynchronously with a global team.

Kevin Karsch

Kevin has extensive academic and commercial experience in the computer vision and augmented reality hardware and software space. Currently, he leads cross-functional teams of engineers and researchers at Amazon Devices (Lab126). Previously, Kevin co-founded Lightform, a start-up that built design tools for projected AR. In addition to several patents, Kevin holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Javan Makhmali

As a former Rails contributor and author of popular open-source libraries like Stimulus, Turbo, and Trix, Javan has 15+ years of experience building software in remote contexts. Javan is a VP of Engineering and Architecture at Steady Space Corp.

Janice Maxwell

Janice is a passionate advocate for technology, higher education, and project and portfolio management, driven by the belief that innovation and learning are the cornerstones of progress. She currently serves as the Chief of Staff for the Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2) at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Keith Soura

Keith brings over a decade of experience in software development to his expansive role as the CTO of VERO, a startup in the fintech real-estate space. He studied computer science and mathematics at the University of Central Florida and Columbia University.

Sam Udotong

Sam is the Co-founder and CTO of, an AI startup in the virtual meeting and knowledge management space. He studied computer science and aerospace engineering at MIT and now manages a team that operates out of 20 countries, with the aim of improving human communication globally.

Ryan Wright

Ryan is a seasoned strategic sales professional with a long history of understanding and helping his customers solve for the challenges of modern work. His unique experience includes roles at Microsoft, LinkedIn, and non-profit NGOs.